Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mars Needs Mom movie review

                                        Movie is released on March 11,2011

I personally love taking Andre to see movies even though NYC ticket prices are outrageous. When I get the opportunity to catch a screening I jump on it! Thanks to I won passes to Disney's upcoming release Mars Needs Moms in 3D IMAX. How could you go wrong with a Disney film? With this one, Disney got it right!

This movie was engaging. As I was watching it I could relate to the mom and the son Milo reminded me of Andre. He is quick witted, comedic and just a typical kid who doesn't want to listen. Throughout the movie, Andre was mesmerized by its graphics and the action in the film. It held his attention which by my standards means its a great movie! In other films that we've seen, if Andre is bored he starts fidgeting in his seat and standing around having a full blast on conversation while everyone is shhhing us. The movie had great intense scenes and action. There were so many kids of all ages attending the screening. They all were paying attention.

I will admit I shed a few tears toward the end of the movie. If anyone knows me, I don't cry! Especially watching a movie! Mars Needs Moms really touched my heart & soul. This movie showed us how strong a mother & son's bond is despite their constant bickering. No one can break the love between Mother & child.

Kudos to Disney for creating such a heartfelt movie. This is definitely one to add to our movie collection!


christina said...

We have to see it..

Sanivi said...

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Watch movie online free said...

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Rebecca said...

I can't wait to see this! Denise great blog! Its happy you found your niche!

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