Sunday, March 27, 2011

Boyz hit the Science Center

Thanks to the awesome deal I found on a few weeks ago, I purchased tickets to the NY Hall of Science museum (NYSCI) for our boys and nephews. So my niece, my sister in law and I car pooled it to Queens yesterday with 5 boys in tow. This was a first visit for all of us.

We used the GPS system on my niece's phone which we felt had us going in circles. Or maybe that's just how Queens is? I don't know for some reason anytime I venture to an outer borough I always feel slightly lost and confused. We did arrive safely at our destination. NYSCI offers on site parking for $10. We parked and off we went!

Immediately the Rocket outdoor mini golf was seen by the boyz. Umm that was a no go because it was a chilly 40 degrees yesterday. It was open but there was no way that these mamas were going to swing golf clubs in the cold. We'll save that for our next trip.

I supplied the admissions clerk with our vouchers, we were given orange stickers to display proudly and we started out on our scientific adventure. Granted, the younger ones really didn't grasp the ideas of the molecular structures or the microbes (well neither did I) they did have a great time. Science wasn't one of my best subjects. My nephews who are 10 and 11 had a better understanding of the exhibits. They were well entertained. The little ones did love the bubble table and the sports challenge. Definitely bought out their competitive side. I suggest the 1001 exhibitions that runs through April 24th. It gives a glimpse to the inventors in the Muslim world. The 7 display centers they have were beautiful. It was crowded yesterday but it was a Saturday and I think they were several school groups there as well.

My molecular scientist Andre

Nascar driver Julian

I highly recommend the museum to anyone who has school aged children who are learning science and mathematics. This place has it all. I definitely want to return in the summer to check out their outdoor science playground. It looks amazing and so hands on. I think the younger ones would enjoy it twice as much if they are able to run around in the outdoors.
Our gang
So drive out or hop on the lucky 7 train and visit this museum for a Scientific adventure!

This is my personal review. I was not compensated for it.


Friday, March 18, 2011

Oh no older brother!

Nine months ago when I gave birth to my youngest son, Caden, my oldest, Julian was absolutely thrilled. He was excited to help feed him, change diapers and just spend time with his little brother. He would brag to everyone that he had a little brother and show him off like he was a prize.

Well fast forward to today and the excitement has worn off. Now I find the jealousy everyone told me about in the beginning has finally kicked in. Julian does any little thing he can to annoy Caden. For example, If Caden is crawling to something, Julian will secretly push the item further & further away so he can't get it. If Caden is sleeping, Julian will touch and poke at him so he will wake up. Then he walks away and acts like he didn't do it. If I'm doing something for Caden such as, feeding him, changing his diaper or even just playing with him, it just happens to be the exact time Julian "needs" me "really quickly".  Sometimes Julian will tell me and the people around him that Caden isn't his brother. He will say "he's my cousin". He says that he is just joking when I ask why he says it but I'm starting to think maybe there is a little more to it.

I don't want to yell at Julian for doing all these things but at the same time I don't want him to think its okay. I'm kind of stuck on what to do. I don't want him to ever feel he is loved any less then he was before Caden was here. I try to balance my time between the two since I am a SAHM but I feel like it's still not enough. I remind him I love him 30 times a day (literally lol) so I don't think he doesn't know it. But I don't know what else to do. HELP


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Admit It!!

In today's economy, I have to say that DH & I are fortunate to have full time jobs. We're both in fields that were not affected. Even so, we still have budgets to contend with and have to try to limit ourselves to over spending. But sometimes I just can't help but spend especially when it comes to my boyz.

With that being said, I am not one to be ashamed of buying store named products. Yes I said it. I buy generic! It used to be frowned upon when I was growing up. My grandfather used to wait on the lines at the community center to pick up his packs of yellow American cheese, beans and those hideous white cans with black stripes. How I used to run to my building with his items in tow so no one can see us. Now I know some of you guys remember this? C'mon admit it!

Well today if its at a better price than a popular brand, I will buy it. I've bought paper products, baby wipes, body wash, and certain foods. I have to admit, my the most favorite salad dressing comes from Walmart. Its their Great Value Caesar dressing. I've had other dressings and none have compared to this one. Its thick, and full of flavor. It's actually a bit peppery. I use it as a dip, or instead of mayo I put some on my sandwich. I'm in love. I usually have to buy a few bottles because this flies out of the house.

So next time you're at a Walmart I suggest you to go grab one to try it out! Its under $2 bucks but so worth it! I think Walmart should send me some. How about it Walmart? LOL

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Is it or Isn't it?

I know its inevitable once your child starts school that he/she will get sick. Germs are everywhere especially in schools' classrooms. Andre is in his second year of pre-k (his birthday is in late June) so he's gotten colds/coughs before. When I picked him up yesterday I noticed his left eye was a bit red. My first reaction was that it was pink eye. But after talking to Andre to see how his eye felt, I dismissed the thought. He didn't complain of pain, itching, and there was no crusty sensations around his eye. I didn't know if I should take him to the eye doctor or not.

This morning his eye was still the same. I went with my mothers intuition and decided to call out from work & take him to see the eye doctor. Thankfully I have great friends with connections that work in the office that was able to squeeze me in since his doctor was in clinic today & not in the private office. She's great with Andre. She left the clinic to give him a quick look at.

No wonder I'm not a doctor because it turned out to be that pesky little conjunctivitis. But I did think it, right? So now Andre has eye drops to use for a week, no school for the remainder and DH & I are in need to call out from work for a few days. Andre is super thrilled that he gets to break some rules like playing with his DS, stay up past 8pm and just drive me a little more crazier.

Thanks alot Pink Eye!!


Hubby & I had promised our son that we would take him to see Rango since its release. Anything cartoon related, Andre wants to see. I guess the advertising Gods are doing a great job. The one thing I was ecstatic about is that there was finally a kids film that wasn't 3D. For one those movie prices are outrageous and I think some films shouldn't be 3D. They usually have 3 or so scenes that really POP at you that makes you enjoy it but the rest of the film can usually be seen normally. Just another way for Hollywood to break our banks.

I have to say I was disappointed in this film. Its about a chameleon who has lived in a tank all his life creating stories about being a hero. Then he finds himself lost in a Western town where he learns that he must become one to save the people. This film wasn't suited for my son who is 4 years old. Honestly each one of us fell asleep during it! The film's dialogue was too mature for Andre. The rattlesnake for hire to kill Rango was a bit much for me. Thankfully Andre was asleep during those scenes. Of course there's a happy ending but the ride to it was too long & dragged out for us. The humor was meant for a mature audience only.

I do think that Johnny Depp did a great job as the voice of Rango. At times I had to remind myself that it was him. He is a genius at his craft. Too bad it had to be in film that kids won't enjoy as much. I wonder if he would allow his kids watch it? hhhmmmmm

So in my opinion if you have older kids about 10+ then it would be ok but leave the toddlers at home!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Birthday Surprise!!

So my oldest baby decided he had to turn 5 years old already. It feels like just yesterday I was laying in a hospital bed screaming my head off crying that I was not ready to push this little life out. At the time I was only 20 years old so I was scared I would ruin this baby's life. What if I forgot to feed him? What if he didn't like me? What if I ruined this innocent baby? It was the scariest but most amazing time of my life. And 5 years later I could not be more in love. I not only have my oldest son but my best friend.

Turning 5 was such a big deal for me. Its one whole hand! So my husband and I racked our brains for months over what we should do to celebrate his big day. Nothing we came up with seemed good enough. Until one day it hit me..Disneyland!! What 5 year old wouldn't want to spend their big day there? So we got to booking and we were on our way! The hardest part? Keeping the secret! I mean it when I tell you this little boy is my best friend. I tell him EVERYTHING. So keeping this secret from him for 4 months was absolute torture for me. I was so excited for him that all I wanted to do was spill. But I knew I couldn't. I knew the look on his face the day we arrived would be so worth it. And believe me it was.

We took the long 18 hour drive from New Jersey to Orlando with his infant brother and all with him not knowing a thing. It was a little hectic but we made it safe & sound. We arrived in Downtown Disney and it was like we arrived in heaven. His face lit up. He repeatedly announced how excited he was and could not wait to get out of that car! We chose to stay at the Disney All-Star Sports and we loved it! Great experience and so much to do for the kids.

So we spent the next couple of days spending money, going on rides and taking pictures with everyone from Stitch to Buzz Lightyear. This little boy was in heaven and I was on cloud 9 knowing I made the best decision. All the money spent, all the hours in the car and I still would not trade it for a second. Everything was going so great! Until, every mom's worst nightmare happened....I lost my camera! My heart was shattered. Every single happy moment, every single reaction I captured was GONE in the blink of an eye! I still get sad thinking about it but I am thankful my sister joined us on our trip and has a few pictures to keep me happy.

Overall, I would not change this past crazy hectic week for anything. My baby was the most excited I have ever seen him and that in itself is priceless. So Mom's if you need a birthday idea. Start saving your pennies now and road trip it to Disney. It will be so worth it!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Friday!

Its finally Friday. I thought it would never arrive. Whew! What a long week and I seriously can't believe we are in March already. The weather seems to want to act like spring but its not quite there yet. Keeping fingers crossed that the weather Gods will bring some much needed warmth.

Lent started this week. I was raised Catholic but as I've grown older I have slowly drifted. I still believe in God but I don't practice as much as I was "forced" to when I was younger. We definitely haven't pushed the religion factor in our son. He went to Catholic school last year and has learned alot about God. He actually thanked God when he won his Nintendo DS in a raffle at a party. He said God knew he was well behaved & deserved it. I wonder why God doesn't think I'm well deserved of winning the lottery yet..hhmmmm

As I'm beginning on this new blogging venture, I honestly didn't realize how much work it entails. There is so much that I don't know. The social media is really booming and I feel like I'm about 100 steps behind. So bare with me, as I'm trying to catch up with this race. I promise that I will have some great things happening and I'm sure more stories to tell.

Speaking of stories, let me diverse a little here. I was in the bathroom with Andre one morning while he was peeing and I brushing my teeth. Then he proceeds to ask me "Mommy, what are these called?" I look and notice he's holding his balls. Ok that's not what I was looking for in a conversation at 7am. I didn't know what to really say. Do I say they are balls? or use the more medical term scrotum sac. At least with that I'm sure he will just be appeased with the response and leave it be. So I opt for the 2nd choice hoping this will end. He replies, "Oh because they are so squishy. I like to squeeze them"  Boys will be boys and I love it!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mars Needs Mom movie review

                                        Movie is released on March 11,2011

I personally love taking Andre to see movies even though NYC ticket prices are outrageous. When I get the opportunity to catch a screening I jump on it! Thanks to I won passes to Disney's upcoming release Mars Needs Moms in 3D IMAX. How could you go wrong with a Disney film? With this one, Disney got it right!

This movie was engaging. As I was watching it I could relate to the mom and the son Milo reminded me of Andre. He is quick witted, comedic and just a typical kid who doesn't want to listen. Throughout the movie, Andre was mesmerized by its graphics and the action in the film. It held his attention which by my standards means its a great movie! In other films that we've seen, if Andre is bored he starts fidgeting in his seat and standing around having a full blast on conversation while everyone is shhhing us. The movie had great intense scenes and action. There were so many kids of all ages attending the screening. They all were paying attention.

I will admit I shed a few tears toward the end of the movie. If anyone knows me, I don't cry! Especially watching a movie! Mars Needs Moms really touched my heart & soul. This movie showed us how strong a mother & son's bond is despite their constant bickering. No one can break the love between Mother & child.

Kudos to Disney for creating such a heartfelt movie. This is definitely one to add to our movie collection!