Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Friday!

Its finally Friday. I thought it would never arrive. Whew! What a long week and I seriously can't believe we are in March already. The weather seems to want to act like spring but its not quite there yet. Keeping fingers crossed that the weather Gods will bring some much needed warmth.

Lent started this week. I was raised Catholic but as I've grown older I have slowly drifted. I still believe in God but I don't practice as much as I was "forced" to when I was younger. We definitely haven't pushed the religion factor in our son. He went to Catholic school last year and has learned alot about God. He actually thanked God when he won his Nintendo DS in a raffle at a party. He said God knew he was well behaved & deserved it. I wonder why God doesn't think I'm well deserved of winning the lottery yet..hhmmmm

As I'm beginning on this new blogging venture, I honestly didn't realize how much work it entails. There is so much that I don't know. The social media is really booming and I feel like I'm about 100 steps behind. So bare with me, as I'm trying to catch up with this race. I promise that I will have some great things happening and I'm sure more stories to tell.

Speaking of stories, let me diverse a little here. I was in the bathroom with Andre one morning while he was peeing and I brushing my teeth. Then he proceeds to ask me "Mommy, what are these called?" I look and notice he's holding his balls. Ok that's not what I was looking for in a conversation at 7am. I didn't know what to really say. Do I say they are balls? or use the more medical term scrotum sac. At least with that I'm sure he will just be appeased with the response and leave it be. So I opt for the 2nd choice hoping this will end. He replies, "Oh because they are so squishy. I like to squeeze them"  Boys will be boys and I love it!


christina said...

So funny! the boys ask where are
Boys will be Boys and I usually call it their private but they are all about calling it their penis..lmao
Makes me blush everytime!

Mommy D said...

Just wanted to pop by and say thank you for visiting Mommy D's Kitchen! New GFC follower :)

Denise & Justine said...

Thanks Mommmy D! Hope you enjoy our blog as much as we do yours!

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