Sunday, March 13, 2011

Birthday Surprise!!

So my oldest baby decided he had to turn 5 years old already. It feels like just yesterday I was laying in a hospital bed screaming my head off crying that I was not ready to push this little life out. At the time I was only 20 years old so I was scared I would ruin this baby's life. What if I forgot to feed him? What if he didn't like me? What if I ruined this innocent baby? It was the scariest but most amazing time of my life. And 5 years later I could not be more in love. I not only have my oldest son but my best friend.

Turning 5 was such a big deal for me. Its one whole hand! So my husband and I racked our brains for months over what we should do to celebrate his big day. Nothing we came up with seemed good enough. Until one day it hit me..Disneyland!! What 5 year old wouldn't want to spend their big day there? So we got to booking and we were on our way! The hardest part? Keeping the secret! I mean it when I tell you this little boy is my best friend. I tell him EVERYTHING. So keeping this secret from him for 4 months was absolute torture for me. I was so excited for him that all I wanted to do was spill. But I knew I couldn't. I knew the look on his face the day we arrived would be so worth it. And believe me it was.

We took the long 18 hour drive from New Jersey to Orlando with his infant brother and all with him not knowing a thing. It was a little hectic but we made it safe & sound. We arrived in Downtown Disney and it was like we arrived in heaven. His face lit up. He repeatedly announced how excited he was and could not wait to get out of that car! We chose to stay at the Disney All-Star Sports and we loved it! Great experience and so much to do for the kids.

So we spent the next couple of days spending money, going on rides and taking pictures with everyone from Stitch to Buzz Lightyear. This little boy was in heaven and I was on cloud 9 knowing I made the best decision. All the money spent, all the hours in the car and I still would not trade it for a second. Everything was going so great! Until, every mom's worst nightmare happened....I lost my camera! My heart was shattered. Every single happy moment, every single reaction I captured was GONE in the blink of an eye! I still get sad thinking about it but I am thankful my sister joined us on our trip and has a few pictures to keep me happy.

Overall, I would not change this past crazy hectic week for anything. My baby was the most excited I have ever seen him and that in itself is priceless. So Mom's if you need a birthday idea. Start saving your pennies now and road trip it to Disney. It will be so worth it!


cristine said...

New follower from TPRP.
Love your Disney story. Just took our kids there for the first time in January. Now, every time they see a Disney commercial they get so excited.

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Kelly L said...

What a sweet sweet post... I live in CA and have passes - Disneyland is really close.. And I still feel the magic when we walk in the park.. Happy Birthday to your best friend! So sorry your camera was lost. I am your newest follower - would love a follow back
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Denise & Justine said...

thank you ladies! Appreciate the follows and we are definitely following you back!

AmberFaith said...

Newest follower from the Give It To Me Monday blog hop! Would love for you to stop by and follow back! Hope you have a great day! (:

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Anonymous said...

awesome disney/birthday moment, made me misty :)

Princesa Grace

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