Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Hubby & I had promised our son that we would take him to see Rango since its release. Anything cartoon related, Andre wants to see. I guess the advertising Gods are doing a great job. The one thing I was ecstatic about is that there was finally a kids film that wasn't 3D. For one those movie prices are outrageous and I think some films shouldn't be 3D. They usually have 3 or so scenes that really POP at you that makes you enjoy it but the rest of the film can usually be seen normally. Just another way for Hollywood to break our banks.

I have to say I was disappointed in this film. Its about a chameleon who has lived in a tank all his life creating stories about being a hero. Then he finds himself lost in a Western town where he learns that he must become one to save the people. This film wasn't suited for my son who is 4 years old. Honestly each one of us fell asleep during it! The film's dialogue was too mature for Andre. The rattlesnake for hire to kill Rango was a bit much for me. Thankfully Andre was asleep during those scenes. Of course there's a happy ending but the ride to it was too long & dragged out for us. The humor was meant for a mature audience only.

I do think that Johnny Depp did a great job as the voice of Rango. At times I had to remind myself that it was him. He is a genius at his craft. Too bad it had to be in film that kids won't enjoy as much. I wonder if he would allow his kids watch it? hhhmmmmm

So in my opinion if you have older kids about 10+ then it would be ok but leave the toddlers at home!


Everyday Rambling's said...

My oldest wants to see it but we have not yet. Thanks for liking my Facebook page and I'm now following you on GFC too.. Tara ~Everyday Ramblings of My Life

Amanda-The Nutritionist Reviews said...

Sounds neat!

I just found your blog through the Follow Me Back Tuesday blog hop! Have a great week.

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digitalcatharsis said...

Gee, good thing we decided not to watch the movie. We were planning to bring in our little son to watch it, but then we saw Papa John's pizza opposite the theater, so we decided to just eat :D

Cool site you have here. I'm following you via FMBT. Have a good day!

Princess Mom said...

This looks like a cute movie..

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Sarah said...

I agree, it was awful! I took my 4 and 6 year old and I wanted to leave after part of the movie. I don't mind them hearing some words that we don't allow them to say but when it is a cartoon saying those words I think it sends a mixed message.

10+ for sure! Great review! I am following you www.mooseandtater.com

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