Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Paradise Island, Bahamas

A few weeks ago the boyz & I took a family vacation. Its been 2 years since we've gone away and we were all due for one. Hubby has been stressed out working and with what happened earlier this year, we needed to just lay back & relax. Our destination this year was Paradise Island, Bahamas. So we shut off our phones and didn't log on to the internet for 5 days. We've never been here and no we didn't stay at the infamous Atlantis. It was out of our budget this year but we have decided that on our return trip we are definitely going to stay there!
We flew into Nassau and stayed at the Paradise Island Harbor View hotel. Its all inclusive which was what attracted it to us. Hubby wanted to have unlimited food and alcohol at his dispense. The people are super friendly through out the island. They have to be the happiest bunch of people I've ever met. The hotel was a bit antiquated in its rooms and decor, but the food was delicious. The pool was perfect for us. Andre was able to swim in his 3ft water and there were always an abundance of kids around that he kept busy. 

 We purchased a day pass to explore the marine inhabitants at the Atlantis. It was beautiful. The resort is HUGE and you could get lost. They have a casino, night club, restaurants, shops, pools and a beach that is a whole separate world. It is so attractive that my husband wants to stay there the next time. 

 We really enjoyed ourselves & most importantly we were able to spend quality time as a family. With our busy schedules its hard to take a break from life. Even though we see each other daily, its really not the same when you're together without interruptions. I feel blessed that I have an amazing husband & son. Even though this vacation wasn't as relaxing as my girls weekend in Puerto Rico, I wouldn't have changed it any other way. I love my boyz!


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