Thursday, August 30, 2012

Losing Weight while on vacation

Okay remember a few months ago I started my journey with Weight Watchers? Well yea I'm still on that journey. I can admit I haven't been as gung ho about it as I was in the beginning. I have skipped some weigh ins and made excuses for it. It didn't help that I went on 2 vacations in a month. When I returned from the Bahamas I was determined to go back & get weighed in. I needed to face the devil, the scale. I knew I gained weight and I needed to know that I failed to get back on track. Well I didn't gain as much as I thought. It was only 4 lbs which isn't bad for a month. Only a pound a week. So I am happy to say that I did go to my weigh in this week even though my co-worker, who pinky swore to me that we would be back on track, didn't want to do her weigh in. I pushed myself and went anyway. I needed to face the truth. You know what? I lost those 4 lbs. Right back at ya FAT!! I am so happy that I was able to do it. It feels good to know that with some determination it can be done. Losing weight isn't an easy task and it never will be for me. But I know I will be able to do it my way. So I am making a commitment to you, my readers that I will pursue my weekly weigh ins, good or bad. We all need a push. Who else is trying to lose weight and is feeling a little defeated? Share and let's commit together!


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