Tuesday, March 13, 2012

StinkyKids the Musical Review

This past weekend my son & I had the honor of attending the debut of the StinkyKids musical. I had heard about the dolls and was curious about seeing the show. Anything that is a musical & kid friendly I always try to attend with my son. I was so pleased about this one!
The show is based on the award winning children's book series, StinkyKids written by Britt Menzies. She's a mother that was inspired by her children, her own little stinkers. What I love about the books are the 10 diverse StinkyKids characters. Each look & act differently from each other, thus creating individual personalities that we can all relate to. These kids learn from their mistakes to make right choices & follow their motto of "always be a leader of good."
Program synopsis:
StinkyKid Britt never gets into trouble and loves making everyone happy! She's convinced her parents to take her friends Max, Hannah, Jen, Johnny and Billy to the opening of the new Mega Jumper 3000. But when Britt gets a massive wad of gum stuck in her hair, she must rely on her friends to help her get out of a sticky situation before her parents find out and cancel the trip.
My son & I thoroughly enjoyed the show. The music was entertaining as well as the characters. It gave a descriptive portrayal of how kids make bad choices & discover along the way on how to learn from those mistakes. My son walked away realizing that he is most like superhero Johnny. He went home eager to bring his book to school to share with his kindergarten class. He was very impressed with getting author Britt Menzies autograph as well.
Andre & author Britt Menzies

StinkyKids the musical is currently playing at the Vital theatre now through April 22nd. Tickets can be purchased through their website. The StinkyKids book series can be purchased at Barnes & Noble. They are even available to add to your NOOK! If you have the chance I would suggest you take your own stinker to this fabulous show. They will no doubt leave with a feeling of "Always be a leader of good."

Disclosure: I received tickets to review the show. No monetary compensation was received.  This is my completely honest opinion above & may differ from yours.. Congrats Britt Menzies on the success of StinkyKids! 


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