Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oasis Day Camp at Central Park

One of my favorite memories growing up in New York city will always be my summers. If I didn't go away with my grandparents to Martha's Vineyard, I was in day camp. Raised by a single parent, it was difficult for my mom to stay home with my siblings & I. So camp was always an option for us. I loved attending camp. Hanging out with friends, swimming, going on trips & just having a great summer is a memory I want my son to have growing up.
In New York City, there are numerous options for day camps that can have parents feeling a little overwhelmed. One option is Oasis Day Camp. I haven't heard much about Oasis except for some narratives that I read on other mom blogs. I had the opportunity to speak with Bernie Tessler, CEO of Oasis Children's Services, to gain a better perspective of what they had to offer my family.
The Central Park location is their largest day camp. They are the only program that has use of New York City's premiere park during the summer. A majority of the children's day is spent in the outdoors utilizing various parts of the park either doing sports, swimming or arts/crafts.

Core values of Oasis:
1. Oasis gives children the tools they will need to succeed in school and in life.
2. Oasis creates communities for children that are safe havens emotionally and physically.
3. Oasis staff members build self-confidence by being positive, supportive and kind.
4. Oasis encourages children to embrace new experiencs and to learn new skills.
5. Oasis staff members are role models who teach through their own behaviors and attitudes.

Oasis offers conveninet bus pick ups/drop offs from a number of locations in the city. Campers have the option to either bring lunch from home or enjoy a hot lunch provided by the camp.
What I enjoyed about my conversation with Bernie is how enthusiastic he is about this program. One of my concerns were the counselors. I wanted to be sure that they were reliable & knowledgable people that would be with my son for a long period of the day.. Bernie advised me that all staff are either undergrad or graduate students. High schoolers are not hired. Many of them are education, social work or psychology majors. The vast amount of information he gave me fills me with excitement. This just sounds like such an outstanding program that I know my son will enjoy. These will be memories that he will have for years to come. I look forward to the summer.

Camp dates: Camp runs from July 2,2012 - August 24,2012. Online registration is through June 20,2012.

Check out Oasis Day Camp's website for prices and further information.


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