Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Become a member of Houseparty.com

Do you love to get free products? What about hosting parties for family/friends to share the products with? I wanted to let you know about this great site called HouseParty. Its free to join. Basically they list brands & products that they want to have parties. You apply for them and if you're lucky enough to get selected they will send you the products for FREE to host a party. I love this site. I've hosted parties for Sabra, Tapena Wines & now I will have a party for Benefit makeup. I've been to parties for Huggies, Chef Boyardee and Rice Works. Its a wonderful reason to get together with your friends or family. You get to be a voice for these products. There's absolutely no gimmick. So why not try your luck today! Sign up!


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