Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ringling Bros. And Barnum & Bailey Presents Dragons! Review

The circus is in town & we couldn't wait to see Ringling Bros. new show Dragons. We went to the Izod center's opening night this week. It was an early birthday celebration for one of our boyz Julian.
The show didn't disappoint! It was spectacular. The clowns were hilarious as usual. They had great up beat music that had the entire stadium on their feet dancing. The boyz were breaking out their dance moves. It was hysterical.
As a kid, I went to the circus frequently. I remembered being amazed by the trapeze artists, the tigers and just trying to keep up with the 3 rings. I am happy that they didn't disappoint. My son was eager to see the tigers & lion perform. They were a little feisty with their trainer but he assured us it was all part of the act.
My favorite part were the Sizzling Sirens of the Sky as they hung about 35 feet above spinning, and twirling from their hair or while in a large clear ball. My stomach was in knots just looking at them.

 My son loved the amazing Torres family as they dazzled with their daredevil displays of riding motorcycles in a 16 foot globe of steel at a speed of 65mph. At one point there were a total of 8 in there!

When the Dragon made its grand entrance, the boyz were mesmerized. It was a beautiful replica complete with fire blazing from its mouth.
The circus is currently showing at the Izod Center till March 18th. You can purchase tickets here. The Izod Center is hosting a ticket giveaway. Follow the rules & enter for your chance to win.

Disclosure: All reviews & opinions are my own. I was given a family four pack of tickets.


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