Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Kick Ass Mom

My newest tv show addiction is ABC's Missing starring Ashley Judd as Becca Winstone. The show is about a former CIA, now PTA mom whose son is kidnapped while studying abroad in Italy. She goes on a massive search through out Europe for her son. The show is amazing. Ashley Judd shows true courage & strength as she fights off anyone in her way. The show's producers do an incredible job of showing how someone will go through any lengths to find a loved one.
It makes me wonder how far will I go if God forbid anything ever happened to my son. I may not have the training of an agent but I sure as hell know how to kick some ass if I needed to for my family.
Congrats to ABC for putting a program worth watching on tv that shows how a woman can be strong, & brilliant besides be used for her sexual assets.


Crystal Green said...

I love this show as well!!! My eight year old son loves it too. :)

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