Monday, May 27, 2013

How I Survived the 2 mile Disney Fun Run #DisneySMMoms

When I was invited to the Disney Social Media Moms Conference I was beyond thrilled. I didn't know what to expect. I just knew that I was honored to have been one of the selected few that got to attend this year. When I received an email about doing a 2 mile Disney Fun Run with Biggest Loser Winner Ali Vincent, I jumped at the chance not even thinking that um I don't run. I don't even exercise regularly. It's only 2 miles, right? I can walk that easily living in New York City.

As the days approached, I kept telling myself that maybe I should start preparing my body for the run. Then I heard you can do a walk/run so I was fooled myself to believe that that wasn't so difficult. My husband kept asking me "Are you sure you're going to be able to do it? It says its 2 miles in 26 minutes. That's quick." "No problem" I would say but secretly I was terrified.

When we arrived at Disney World, I was enthralled in the excitement of it all. It was my son's 1st time in Walt Disney World so I was anxious for him. I totally put the run in the back of my mind that day. When I went to bed that night, the fear kicked in. Maybe I should just cancel & not show up. What the hell was I thinking? I could really injure myself. All I could remember was BSM Media's Maria Bailey reminding us that night that to be at the bus stop by 5:45am or she will come knocking on our doors. I can't disappoint Maria or be known as a flake. I made a commitment to Disney & to myself. I am going to do this.
So here I am at 5 sumthing that morning getting ready. Definitely double thinking about not showing up which if I was back home, I probably would have done. I was a "newbie" at the Disney SM Moms conference & I wasn't going to be known as a quitter.
Divina from Dancing Hot Dogs took this pic of me before we set off on the bus. There were so many others that were dressed in sequin tutu's and ears. They looked beautiful and fun!I felt under dressed for the occasion.
The bus took us to the ESPN Complex located on the WDW resort. It was amazing to be on the same grounds that professional athletes have trained & performed. The adrenaline was kicking in full speed. We were almost ready to begin.
The highlight of the morning had to be the uber energetic Ali Vincent and her mom Bette Sue. They are a riot together. Ali cheered us on and handed out her pink rubber empowerment bracelets. She was so down to earth that I was excited to have her on our walk/run group. Then it was time to run! We started by doing a one minute run then alternate with a one minute walk. At first I was doing okay. I kept up and was in the middle of the pack. We ran through ESPN's track field then the baseball field. It was amazing to have those huge lights shine down on us. I felt like I was doing my victory lap. That's when I realized I began to lag behind and soon enough I was at the tail end. My shins started hurting and I so wanted to stop & jump into the golf cart that was following us. I couldn't run it anymore even though Ali was yelling "run!" Then Maria Bailey jogged along side of me. I was out of breath, embarrassed and tried to keep up with her. I had met Maria the year before at the Disney Social Media Mom's conference in Long Island and have worked on a few campaigns for BSM but I knew she didn't remember me. She speaks with hundreds of bloggers.  This woman is known in the blogasphere as an avid runner and here she was keeping pace with me! You know the saying no one gets left behind? Well Maria was the epitome of that. She stayed with me and another runner that was lagging behind. We both were not runners but we made a commitment to Disney & more importantly to ourselves to complete this.  Maria kept saying "You're doing great" and just kept us in conversation. Nicole Brady completed the run but decided to come back to push us along. I was encouraged. The end was near and Ali came back to make sure we ran the final stretch. And we did.
Ali pushing me to the end
My legs were sore, my heart throbbed and I was out of breath, but I did it. I completed a 2 mile walk/run in Walt Disney World. When can I ever say that? I was damn proud of myself. I didn't quit because of fear or the embarrassment.  I knew I would be the last woman standing but I that day I didn't care. I wanted to make my family proud of me. Damn I wanted to make myself proud of me. I think I did both. Some of that magical pixie dust that you hear about in Disney definitely was sprinkled around on me that day and I was thankful.
Amazing group of women!

I want to personally thank Maria Bailey, Nicole Brady & Ali Vincent. There were moments that I did not think I would make it. Each of you gave me the determination & drive to push forward. I thank you for that. Your support will not be forgotten.

Disclosure: I paid a conference fee and attended the Disney Social Media Moms Conference. I received discounted room rate & other perks to enhance our Disney journey. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.


Kuleen Lashley said...

I am SO glad you did the run! I'm pretty sure that I am the one that came in right before you and Liz, but we made it!

Heather Lopez said...

I ran it too! Love that we were able to make it through. :)

Heather Lopez said...

I ran too! I'm glad we were able to make it through. Considering that I didn't finish the run at Mom 2.0 in Miami, I am proud of myself for sticking to it for this one.

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