Thursday, October 18, 2012

Losing a First Tooth

There are many highlights of our kids lives that we try to keep as a memory like their first step, first word or first day of school. Andre was quick with all those but when it came to his teeth growing out as a baby, I felt like I waited an eternity. He didn't start getting his teeth till he was almost a year old. So I figured that when the time came for him to loose those baby teeth, it wouldn't happen that quickly either. Every one of his friends have lost about 2 or 3 teeth already. He was questioning why his teeth weren't falling out yet and assumed it was because he drinks a lot of milk. I liked the reasoning of it. Finally a few weeks ago, he realized his bottom tooth was loose. Then the following day he realized the tooth next to it is loose as well! You must know how exciting this is for a 6 year old. Its about up there with Santa Clause coming to town.

Finally one tooth did fall out while he was asleep! He woke up in the morning and he felt it in his mouth. How he didn't swallow it I have no idea but am thankful he didn't get hurt.

I have been stressing about how much the Tooth fairy should leave under his pillow. I remember just getting a dollar and feeling like the richest kid on the block. But as I posed the question on Facebook, I got responses like $20, $10 or even a toy! Wow these kids are lucky these days! I did decide on an amount and he was happy about it. He didn't make such a big deal over it as I thought he would. However he's showed his toothless grin to about anyone that will listen to him. Now we're just waiting on the next guy to fall out and I'm sure they will all follow.
I still have the tooth & will place it in my keepsake box along with his other firsts and memories that I will forever cherish.


Jo Marie said...

I was told by someone that you have stronger teeth if your teeth come out later. Both my kids were the last ones in their class to lose thir first tooth. So, don't worry. He'll be fine.

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