Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Slams the East Coast

By now our tri-state area has been hit by Hurricane Sandy. The severe wind and torrential rain has been off and on all day. Its supposed to be at its worst this evening and by the sound of it I think it is. Living in Miami years ago, I never experienced a hurricane. Who knew that I would be through 2 in New York city? Its been a rough 24 hours trying to keep sane with everyone stuck home. Tomorrow is another day of no school or work. I'm just thankful that my family & friends are all safe. If you're in Sandy's path, stay indoors. Eat, sleep & enjoy each others company! You never know when you'll get this "mandatory" time together again.


Stacie said...

Stay safe!

schmidt1983 said...

I totally agree with your insights,it is sad to think that we need atleast a super storm before we take the time together and enjoy as family.

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