Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Starting a New Journey.....

After a rough few months this year, I'm finally on my path to reclaim myself. By that I mean starting my weight loss regime. I decided to try Weight Watchers. Not because of Jennifer Hudson's dramatic new figure. I'm sure I won't get to the point of looking like a lollipop head. I've chose Weight Watchers because its not a diet, but a program to teach you a healthier lifestyle. I like that I can still eat a pizza if I want but I just can't have that second or third slice.
At my office there are several women who are on the program and I've seen their results. One person has lost 60lbs in a year which is amazing. These women have inspired me to make this change in my life. I'm ready to make this commitment to myself. I'm doing this because I'm tired of feeling tired. Tired of not being able to keep up with my 5 year old son. Tired of having to shop for size 16's. I'm ready to get into shape and to feel good. I'm ready to stop hiding behind this weight.
Goodbye to the old me. You won't be missed!


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