Monday, April 30, 2012

The God Box by Mary Lou Quinlan

I recently was given the opportunity to join the Role Mommy book club. I love reading and I knew this would be a great opportunity to preview books that I not necessarily would purchase on my own. Our first book selection is The God Box by Mary Lou Quinlan.
Reading this book brought me such mixed emotions of joy and sadness. The author, after her mother's passing, discovers ten boxes filled with personal notes that her mother wrote to God. These notes spanned 2 decades of her mother's life. These notes were her mother's personal prayers & thoughts for her family and friends that were unselfish.
After her mother Mary Finlayson dies, her daughter uncovers 10 of her God boxes spanning over 20 years of her life.  The boxes are stuffed with tiny notes written by Mary, asking and praying for everything from the right flooring for her daughter’s new home to a cure for her own blood cancer. Mary’s petitions are presented with love and without expectation. Note by note, author Mary Lou Quinlan unearths insights into her mother’s compassion, faith, and perseverance, and revelations of her innermost thoughts—nostalgic, surprising, and even a bit shocking. And through the journey, the author discovers her own more empathetic, more engaged self—the woman her mother had believed in all along.

I was so touched by this book. I wanted to be in her God box. I want to start one for my own son so he can one day after my passing see how unconditional is the love of a parent to child. I cherish my relationship with my mom more after reading this. I think you will too.

The God Box is available for purchase on You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter @GodBoxProject.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review.The God Box was provided by Beth Feldman/Role Mommy book club. All opinions expressed are my honest opinions.


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