Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Here's to More Birthdays!

As the holidays approach, its always great to spend time with family & friends. It's also a reminder of the loved ones that we have lost over the years to the big C, cancer. I've lost my grandparents to this deadly disease and earlier this year we lost my Aunt Mary to it. They won't be here to celebrate another birthday, but we need to rejoice during this time of year to those that have beat it. They get to blow out another candle and for that I toast to more birthdays!

This post is sponsored by American Cancer Society.


momto8 said...

I am a new follower from the hop....and have 5 boys living at home!

Jessica E said...

I am sorry for your losses. Cancer is a very hard thing to have effect a family. I have a friend that has lost far too many people from it. I hope and pray that those who are suffering from it are able to recover and we are able to completely cure it soon.

I am a new follower via the Friday Blog hop at Queens NYC Mom. I am following you on GFC, Twiiter and Facebook.


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