Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 6 - Isotoner Smart Touch gloves #holidaygiftguide

I think everyone owns something that is touch screen, either it be your smartphone, Ipad or GPS devices. With winter slowly creeping up, it can get too cold to take your gloves off to make that phone call. One of my discoveries are the new Isotoner Smart Touch gloves. These make it convenient to keep your hands warm while navigating on a touch screen. Here are some facts:
  • The thumb and index finger are embroidered with conductive thread that conveys an electrical impulse to the touchscreen. This unique patent pending construction gives these gloves exceptional performance, allowing for pinpoint accuracy.
  • Signature stretch materials provide superior fit and flexibility
  • The non-slip palm improves grip
  • Water repellent
We love these gloves & think they would make a great holiday gift for anyone that is a constant on their touch screen devices.  I've already bought a couple of pairs to give as presents. They are available at many retailers even Amazon online.



This is just what i need for my iphone.....

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