Thursday, January 17, 2013

To Vaccinate or Not?

By now you have heard about the rise of the flu epidemic has become this winter. Either you caught it or someone you know has been suffering from it. Unfortunately, the flu hit our home & my son has been victim to it. I have never felt so helpless before. I can't do anything to make him feel better. He has bursts of moments when the fever is gone, his stomach pains have diminished and he's back to playing. Then in a quick turnaround, its all down hill. Its been a struggle with keeping him home from school. Hubby & I work full time jobs so we had to shift our work schedules on who can stay home with him. It's not how I wanted to use my personal days from work but its a sacrifice that all parents make for our kids.
If you ask yourself, "did he get a flu shot?" Well no, none of us have ever gotten the flu shot and we still won't get one in the future. I have never "believed" in the shot. My mom chose not to have us get it while growing up & I've never had it. Yes Andre got the flu but he's only 6. He's amongst germ infested classmates all day . As much as I can drain it in his head everyday about washing hands, he's a boy & he's just not into cleanliness right now. I can't run behind him every second of the day sanitizing him down. Its just not going to happen. Do I regret not getting Andre vaccinated? Absolutely not. I have known people that received the shot and still got flu like symptoms. I think as anything you can take preventative measures. That's what my family will do.

Here are some tips on how to avoid catching the flu from WebMd.

1. Achoo! Cover Your Mouth and Nose to Stop the Flu
It starts with a tickle, a prickle, an itch: Achoo! Cover up that sneeze to avoid spreading flu germs. Here's the latest tip on how to cover up the right way.
2. Prevent Flu: Soap Away Germs
Scrubbing germy hands is one of the top tips for preventing spread of the flu. So is a quick splash-and-dash all you need?
3. Don't Be Touchy: Keep Your Hands Off Your Face
Rubbing your eyes, nose, or mouth is a sure-fire way to get the flu. But how long are surfaces contagious?
4. Good Health Beats the Flu: The Power of Healthy Habits
When you're in good health, your immune system is stronger. So keep yourself in top health this flu season -- and throughout next year! Here are five healthy habits to get hooked on. 
These all seem like common day to day habits that we should all do but for a kid its just not that easy to remember. We can just try to instill these in them and hope they will keep these habits up as adults. So hopefully you can avoid the flu for the next month or so. If you believe in the shot, then get it now! Happy Winter!


Mommy's Mingle said...

I love this post!! I never let the boys get the shot either! And thankfully they have never had it! But this week has been so hetic! I also won't get the flu shot for them in the many kids that get the flu shot and still have a different strain of flu! Germs are everywhere we just need to teach to sanitize better!

Tiffany C. said...

I never get vaccinated, nor do the kids. This year has me kind of scared though.... Great tips, I am a BIG wash your hands and don't touch me kind of gal. So are my kiddies!

Gigi said...

Totally agree

Anonymous said...

Yes, vaccines can have negative effects and i do not believe in the safety of them either.
Please realize your "personal days" are for taking care of your children, be thankful for your employment in this era. So many of us (college ductaed included) lose our jobs or jeopardize our extended family in order to take care of our precious children when they are ill. Our children are ALL that matter in this crazy, manipulated and germ infested world. Best of luck to all of us that believe there is a healthy, germ free, positive world for us to find.

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