Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year A New Start

Happy New Year! I hope everyone has a safe & blessed 2013. I took a mini vacation from blogging last month. With the holidays, work, Andre's school and life it self, I was feeling overwhelmed. I apologize not being around.
With the break, it gave me time to relax and try to enjoy the holidays. I really can't believe 2012 is behind us now. It felt like yesterday when I turned 40 in February. I remember dreading it as well as all my other friends who faced the same battle last year. We made it through & partied like rock stars. Now with my birthday coming up yet again in a few weeks, it just reminds me that time is truly a moving missile of life. There's no stop watch to pause or slow it down.
As I reflected on this past year, it brought back so many memories. As I turned 40, we also found out we were expecting. The joy & excitement quickly turned to sadness as we suddenly lost the baby. I still think about it till this day and I always will. The holidays brought some sadness to me knowing that we should've had a 3 month old celebrating with us. This year also had laughter & fun times as Andre graduated kindergarten and turned 6. We went on a family vacation to Paradise Island Bahamas for the first time. We had a road trip to Portland, Maine. I went on a all girls trip to Puerto Rico to celebrate my BFF's 40th birthday. There were so many others that I almost forgot it all happened.
Now with 2013 here, I have so many goals, not resolutions to accomplish. Resolutions just seem easier to break. I fell off track with Weight Watchers last year & I've promised myself to get back on that track. I'm going to start hitting the gym with hubby and aim for a healthier me. I want to become more organized and spend more time with my friends, which I hardly ever see anymore. I literally saw one of my dearest friends in a "drive by" when she stopped by my office for 10 minutes. That was the first time I saw her since February. Now that is just horrible. More time with my husband. We are both so busy & tired after work that we don't take advantage of date nights. We were able to go out last month a few times thanks to my mom babysitting and it was so much fun. I miss those days.
I put up the Oprah quote to remind myself that I have to work at achieving all these goals & more. If you don't work at it, then you're not giving yourself a chance for improvement.
So I make a goal to also commit more to you, my readers. I want to post more & do more for you. I know my blog has been lack luster lately which has been disappointing me. I want to make it better.
Have a great year everyone. Even if you don't make resolutions, make goals for yourselves. We can support each other.
Thanks as always


Onica MommyFactor said...

Wishing you happiness in 2013. Look forward to reading about your accomplishing your goals.

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