Friday, April 19, 2013

Strong Moms Empower Pledge

I am participating in a blog campaign with One2One Network. I have not received any payment. All opinions are my own.
When I became a mom, I was literally the last one between my group of girlfriends to have a baby. My friends had theirs years younger in their 20's. So when my son arrived,  I didn't have any kids his age to share play dates with or talk about stages of their growth. I felt out of place amongst my own friends whose children were almost in their teens. So I searched for an online support group to meet moms.
I was fortunate to find an amazing circle of women. They too were looking for friends for their kids and for themselves. It was a relief to find them. When we met all of our kids instantly became friends till this day. I cherish my online group of gals. We support each other in our journey as women, as moms and as girlfriends. We empower each other as women should. It's funny that in today's society where women are judged for our size, our careers, our parenting skills we are the most critical to each other. Instead of being positive role models to each other, we belittle. 
That's why I took the pledge as a Strong Mom to empower and to support my fellow moms. Let's toast to us being the best in all that we do. Stop the judgements and criticisms. Take the
Strong Mom Empower pledge with me today and make a difference.


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