Saturday, February 9, 2013

Celebrating Chinese New Year

Every beginning of the year, I get excited about 2 things; my birthday and Chinese New Year. This Sunday is the start of Chinese New Year, the year of the Snake. Being half Chinese, I always remember celebrating with my family. We were either at a Chinese banquet or having a dinner at home. Of course the red envelopes! Our elders always made sure we were given these envelopes with crisp bills.
Now that I don't have any Asian relatives left, it is up to my siblings & I to keep the spirit of tradition alive for our kids. For the past years we have gone to Chinatown to enjoy the fine delicacies of dim sum. Afterwards we would join in on the fun of blowing off poppers into the crowds. Confetti is strewn all over. Then we watch the dragon dance its way into local shops bringing fortune & luck for the new year.
It's such a fun day. My son enjoys it all. I can only hope he will continue with celebrating this holiday as much as he does Christmas. I have such pride in being Chinese. I will always cherish the memories I had and will make. Gung Hay Fat Choy!


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