Monday, January 2, 2012

Time to purge, purge,purge

Why is it that when its the new year we feel compelled to clean? Hubby & I decided to rearrange our bedroom today. It's something we have been meaning to do and since we were off from work today we decided to tackle it with full force. It took us a few hours but we're pleased with how it turned out. I had to realize that I've kept so much crap over the years. Why do I still have make up from 5 years ago? Or about 20 bottles of lotions? Hubby told me "Just purge! Let them go already." I had to give him a look like what? This is my stuff. So what I haven't used that Loreal lip gloss but I will soon. I just don't know how I became a mini hoarder. So purge I did. And you know what?  It felt good! I felt like I was releasing myself from baggage, allowing myself to move forward. It may sound weird but it was therapeutic. As this is the year for a new me, it definitely was an added step toward that progression. So I just say purge, purge, purge.


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