Friday, August 26, 2011

Isn't this New York City?

So this has been such an eventful week thus far. It's my son's last week of his summer vacation because he starts kindergarten on Monday. We experienced a tremor from a 5.8 earthquake on Tuesday. Now we are preparing for Hurricane Irene. Really? Isn't this supposed to be New York City? I mean we just get feet of snow or hail storms at worse.
I chose to stay here and not go to the west coast because of the possibilities of earthquakes. I lived in Miami for 4 years and never experienced a hurricane. Now I'm stocking up on water, canned goods, charging up all our electronics and batteries. I have to wonder if the power is going to go out which means no elevator in our building, so up & down 17 flights we will have to go! Is my car going to be safe from all the trees? We are in Zone B so we may have to evacuate. If we do, where the heck are we going to go? Mass transit will shut down and so may the highways/bridges/tunnels. I really am starting to feel like a hamster stuck in his cage.
I was so hoping for our last weekend getaway to Atlantic City to celebrate our friend's wedding. That got nixed yesterday because of this other woman Irene.
All I can say is we're gonna batten down our hatches, eat food, catch up on reading and just enjoy each other's company. Hopefully being locked indoors for 2 days won't drive us crazy. Oh wait I have a 5 year old boy!
Everyone that is in the path of Irene, be safe & heed to your city's warnings!


Susan S said...

Praying for your safety!

Kristy said...

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