Sunday, April 3, 2011

Schwan's Home Delivery Review

Cooking is not my forte so when I won a prize from Mommyslinks for a family dinner I was beyond ecstatic!! I couldn't wait to heat up a meal for my family without having to actually cook.
I won a family meal by FRESCO by Scotto (Schwan's Home Delivery) It included a baked ziti, five cheese garlic french bread, MicroSteam baby broccoli florets and chocolate ice cream. My meal arrived in a Styrofoam cooler. Everything was still frozen and intact. This was going to be our Sunday night meal.
I pre-heated the oven at 375 degrees, placed the frozen baked ziti in the oven. After 30 minutes I removed the plastic layer completely & put it back in for 15 more minutes. At that point I put in the cheesy garlic bread as well. Fifteen minutes later we had our dinner.

The portion, I think, is perfect for 2 people. Luckily my son isn't a big pasta eater so he opted out but he did enjoy the bread. Hubby & I agreed that the ziti was tasty, and cheesy. The sauce wasn't sweet which I thought it would be. The pasta was cooked perfectly for it being frozen. He loved the bread. Right amount of cheese & garlic. The bread was soft & also didn't taste like a frozen food. The chocolate ice cream didn't taste as chocolaty as I would've liked it. It was very light in color. Since I'm a chocolate lover I would've preferred something richer.

All in all we had a great Sunday night dinner. Thank you Mommyslinks and Schwan's for feeding us!


PrincesaGrace said...


It looks great! glad you enjoyed your Sunday dinner especially since all you had to do was warm and serve :)

PrincesaGrace aka GraciePooh

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looks yummy!!!

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Very cool - congratulations! Looks good!

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