Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 9/11

I still remember that fateful day. I worked at 60th & Madison Avenue. On my way to work, I stopped by a deli to grab my breakfast. The men behind the counter were watching the tv & I asked what happened. They said a plane hit the World Trade center. I remember saying "Wow I hope everyone is okay" then left. As I hit Madison Avenue, people were stopping & looking toward downtown. You could see smoke drifting in the sky. I went to my office & told my co-workers what happened. We put on the radio & then heard about the second plane hitting the tower. We panicked, not knowing what was going on. Then when we heard that the building collapsed we knew it was not going to be a usual working day.
I remember walking home and just seeing the throngs of people walking aimlessly. How strangers were talking to each other, offering shared car rides, giving updated information. I couldn't reach my family because cell phones weren't working. My brother in law worked at the Trade center and my sister couldn't get a hold of him. Thank God he was running late that morning.
Now 10 years later, life has moved on but the memory will always remain. I didn't know anyone personally that was lost on that day but I still feel the pain and sorrow. As a New Yorker and as an American I will never forget.


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